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Hola Amigos

I hope your August is going well, and not quite as apocalyptic as it's starting to sound... 

(I'm kidding, I think...Though there's no dearth of bad news, personal and otherwise... We will of course aim to stay optimistic and hope that this isn't quite #EndofDays)

But, but, but: 

I've been busy over on the new project:, looking at mental health awareness, and what we can do to share stories, remove the stigma (collectively), and provide a database of resources. Those of you who are interesting in sharing stories or otherwise, do get in touch -- Email is best! You'll find more info here.

I've been a bit behind on the writing, and on checking in -- but pl feel free to mail with any q's or comments you have! Always happy to get feedback :)

Thanks, those of you who've tweeted photos of The Sibius Knot/ Broken News after reading it...  Lovely to hear from you.

Et voila, while mucking about on a photo collage maker, thought I'd share with you scenes from one rainy day, and a photo of TSK shared by a reader (and friend), as well as a scene from a shoot recce, at a school in Delhi.



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Mental Health: A New Project

Hi all,

So as I mentioned earlier to some of you (and those reading), setting up a new project -- an initiative that is just slowly taking shape -- to provide a safe space for conversations, as well as trusted information on mental health, from resources to basic info, to where you can get help. We are in beta here and while I am counting on the support of some wonderful mental health experts, I'm also looking to many of you to share of your stories... that might be of help to someone else (whether they are going through something similar or for their loved ones, to know what to expect).

We will practise the utmost discretion, and respect your confidentiality, should you wish to be anonymous! 

(That background photo may look familiar to some!)

Appreciate your support, as always!!

-- AT


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A Passion Project...

It's been a while since my last entry, mainly because I'm just finding my feet in this new-fangled freelance era that I seem to have thrust myself into.

I'm not sure how so many of you do it so seamlessly -- it's tough! But infinitely worth it (if only for the lack of grumbling on Sunday evening), or for the break mid-week to meet loved ones who are visiting, or for the innumerable things that flexibility and independence can buy.

I won't bore you with the stress levels, multiple melt-downs and steep learning curve when it comes to doing only a small amount of free ka kaam, or -- most crucially? -- chasing payments (invoice, invoice, invoice everyone and keep track of everything lest you also lose out on money owed to you here).

I will share with you a passion project that's been some time in the making -- an endeavour to create a safe and informative space when it comes to mental health. Mosey on down to to check out some of what we have been doing stealthily, with a little help from the shoemaker's elves, and a whole lotta help from mental health experts who are backing what we all hope to be a solid initiative. 

Will keep you posted on how it goes ... and invite stories from those of you who wish to share!

Till then, take it easy! And thanks for stopping by.

PS Another rant for another time is definitely going to be books biz-related, mark my words. But for those of you who have been so lovely as to buy The Sibius Knot and/ or Broken News, mille thanks! And hope you enjoyed them! For those who haven't heard of them -- please hasten along to the books page :)


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