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Of the Year that Has Been...

Before we fast forward to the year that will be, and that delightful sense of anticipation, that wonderful pristine feeling that lasts all of 5 days, if you're lucky not to mess things up... before we get to the shiny, new year...A quick look back at the year that was.

I say quick, because we will inevitably take our time at some point to contemplate the year gone by... the chance occurrences, the heady moments, the quieter in-between times where we had nowhere to be, no one to see. I hope we all get to reminisce fondly and think of the path taken, the path not taken and try to forget all the regrets in between...Hopefully we've all grown into the people we want to be, or gotten closer to that prototype this year -- though who am I kidding, it's such a work in progress! Two steps forward and five behind, practically. The ageing process is by default a revelatory one, and not for us now in our mid-30s the softer excuses of youth, of not knowing better. 

Having said that, I wouldn't trade the memories, the lessons learned, the bruises to the heart, mind, ego, for the world, for how else do we grow? I will save the wishes for the new year and before I get completely sentimental and sappy, a quick snapshot of the year gone by! Thanks to the readers and festivals far and wide! 






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