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Hola amigos!

I really am the *worst* blogger! It's not a question of intent, though I must admit my "journalling" of yore has also fallen through the cracks. It's a question of follow-through. And distractions. And how many platforms one should be on at any given time. How much of our lives do we need to make public?

And what of the written word left unread?

Does a word that's been written which hasn't been read have any resonance? With whom? Just the writer? Or the wider universe? I'm inclined to believe in the latter, because of the power words have. And yet, with the internet... isn't that a dilution? Or are we just over-thinking it? 

Ahem. Rambles aside, I trust you are enjoying the monsoon and staying dry and such-like? Reading anything interesting? I'm waiting, agog, I tell you, simply agog, for 'Go Set a Watchman'. Naturally, I'm not sure I'll survive it.

I won't bore you with more on that -- in the past few days alone, reams have now been written about how readers feel about Harper Lee messing with our idea of the ideal, ie Atticus Finch... I'm rather upset with the NYT review's major spoiler. JUST when I was coming to terms with the spoiler in the Guardian excerpt. (And wasn't that beautifully done, with simply the most delightful illustrations?)

Anyway, I'm just waiting patiently, with that wonderful sense of anticipation!  

I am also online with a hint of a small teaser for a new show, in the digital space. I plan to share more soon -- without being wholly obnoxious and self-serving! I do hope it's fun, interactive and that some of you (invisible?) people join in. Will share more on the guest list at the earliest! 

Ciao for the moment... Be well! *And remember life is short, so make time for what you enjoy / who you enjoy being with!  

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