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Live to Fight...(Another Day)

Nothing like being a little unwell to bring out the melodrama in me!'

That and the flux - to put it mildly - but change is a good thing, I'm constantly being told these days... That's a good life lesson right there. (Always harder to learn these through experience than spout second-hand wisdom, though, hey?)

A little loopy on the early morning shift at work, which stretches on, with the new beat now taking up a lot of my time. (Btw this is how you know that time is elastic and relative, even if you're not Einstein - try a little sleep deprivation on the job and that'll do you nicely!)

The new beat -- foreign affairs -- is a super challenge but ... (and there's always a but!) there's a LOT to catch up on, and lots of new ground to cover, people to meet with (or not, as increasingly seems to be the case!). I seem to have missed that point in the last decade that saw journalists become unpopular - ouch! That does hurt.

Here was a calling that went beyond a profession... and to see it besmirched, well that stings. But the subtle shifts, the gotta wonder, do they speak to you directly? Or your experience?

A decade into this gig, I have to ask, is that the clock calling time? 


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