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Plugging in...Classics

Nothing like the olden goldies, at times...

Am thoroughly enjoying reading Tales of The Jazz Age by our old friend F Scott Fitzgerald. 

One of my best friends Shoili introduced me to him years ago -- her favourite book back in college was The Great Gatsby -- and I've never thanked her enough.

I wish I'd read The Jelly-Bean in college, to be honest, I was a bit of a jelly-bean, if you ask me...Would've been helpful to know what was what back then when being vague and faffing were all such novelties! 

A friend had asked a few months ago (or was it years?) about how I could possibly read "good fiction" and "bad" -- how do you enjoy high art and trash, I think she was asking. (She's not one to mince her words.) I don't quite know, and am curious to know what you think... but I love both. They're balm for different parts of the soul, I should think. Though maybe that isn't entirely true. Good literature -- much like good art and good cinema, I suppose -- elevates you...It touches your soul. A racy thriller may have you turning pages like an adrenaline junkie, but can't claim the same.

Anyway, enough yammering from me for the mo' -- let me know what you're reading! Hope to have more books-related stuff on here, more regularly! 

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