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This is the best start to the new year! Ok second-best. I got some quality time in with quality people, which is really what it's all about, right?! I do hope you're all enjoying 2015 so far! 

SO new, SO shiny, let's not screw it up too soon... 

AND finally, this patience thing is rewarding me in fits and starts, I suppose:

The Sibius Knot, my second novel, (and a bit of a trip if I do say so myself) is available for pre-order:

The Sibius Knot is on: 

 A story about life and loss, a generation that saw too much and understood too little, and a group of young adults who are convinced they're in a battle against the Darkness, itself, this one isn't for the faint of heart. As much about the 90s -- the decade that changed everything -- as about the devastation of adolescence, The Sibius Knot mirrors the fragmented and dysfunctional realities, across our big cities today.


Do let me know what you think/ make of it - as always you can leave a comment/ tweet/ email/ FB! 

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