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Ta Da!

So it's almost March - Bizarre news of the day!

And as I work on my magazine column for Womens' Health India, just to let you know, we are celebrating the two year anniversary! In April! This time, I tell ya, just flying on by...(Young people never say this, as you know. It's only the rapidly aging!)

So I want to be more regular here, and maybe more informative, ahem... Rather than shouting into the void! But it's been a while since I blogged regularly and am getting back in the groove. Just got the chance to see some of my earliest blogs on -- ha! Youth!

What else is news in Amrita's world? Hmm... Working out my reading list, and there are a whole bunch of books that I need to get to. This Hemingway collection and Dante's Hell have been eyeballing me a while (2 months and 7-odd years, respectively!), but I'm getting to my short-list first. Finally read Tavleen Singh's Durbar (highly recommended), and am looking fwd to reading Sankarshan Thakur's Single Man next. And I'm looking fwd to Sam Miller's A Strange Kind of Paradise as well maybe the Simon Denyer book on India - 'Rogue Elephant'... And then the new Hanif Kureishi.

Between you and me -- and feel free to judge -- you will understand how back-logged the reading list is, when I tell you I just finished Shantaram! (Great fun in bits, and I'm looking fwd to the movie, if they ever make it, but could have been a few hundred pages shorter?)

I guess that's about that for now... But before I go! 


Will be updating soon on Book #2, fingers crossed! I'm told it's "dark, but ultimately uplifting"... Hope that appeals (but if not, no fear, I'm convinced I will be able to churn out a best-seller... I mean, how hard can that be, right?!)



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