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Hi all,

In the midst of these fractious, disturbing and scary times, a quick note about the book launch tomorrow, celebrating the life of feminist Mary Wollstonecraft. Reading Bee Rowlatt's book tracing some of her footsteps, it's amazing to note how even the most significant and momentous thinkers can get gypped of the credit they deserve if they're women. (Plus ca change...)

'In Search of Mary' is ultimately super-charged, interesting and raises verrrry interesting q's... It may even direct some of us back to Ms Wollstonecraft herself. (Did not know much about her, or even that her daughter was that Mary Shelley). Wollstonecraft's life was pretty epic, ultimately heart-breaking... but the talk itself tomorrow? Should be interesting.

Come have a quick chat if you're around.




(From BloomsburyIndia on Twitter)

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