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The New Year

It's already the end of February - what happened to the shiny new year we got 55 odd days ago? Time, slow down!!

Or at least, let us slow down to figure out how to appreciate things more!


So I've been remiss about the site ...again. And I'm hoping to have good news to share on the book front this year, so I better get my own act together!!


Will do some spring cleaning and updates re other articles/ work... 

Feel free to look around, drop me a line...Whether you're an aspiring writer or journalist or...just stopping by to say hi!!


PS Favourite show at the mo' #Houseof Cards (There went a couple of weekends! Though I'm the only person I know who dove straight into S2, without seeing S1. Ah well, more to look fwd to, I suppose!) Between that and Sherlock in December, I'm quite pleased w what telly has to offer, apart from the news, you understand!!

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