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Ta Da!

So it's almost March - Bizarre news of the day!

And as I work on my magazine column for Womens' Health India, just to let you know, we are celebrating the two year anniversary! In April! This time, I tell ya, just flying on by...(Young people never say this, as you know. It's only the rapidly aging!)

So I want to be more regular here, and maybe more informative, ahem... Rather than shouting into the void! But it's been a while since I blogged regularly and am getting back in the groove. Just got the chance to see some of my earliest blogs on -- ha! Youth!

What else is news in Amrita's world? Hmm... Working out my reading list, and there are a whole bunch of books that I need to get to. This Hemingway collection and Dante's Hell have been eyeballing me a while (2 months and 7-odd years, respectively!), but I'm getting to my short-list first. Finally read Tavleen Singh's Durbar (highly recommended), and am looking fwd to reading Sankarshan Thakur's Single Man next. And I'm looking fwd to Sam Miller's A Strange Kind of Paradise as well maybe the Simon Denyer book on India - 'Rogue Elephant'... And then the new Hanif Kureishi.

Between you and me -- and feel free to judge -- you will understand how back-logged the reading list is, when I tell you I just finished Shantaram! (Great fun in bits, and I'm looking fwd to the movie, if they ever make it, but could have been a few hundred pages shorter?)

I guess that's about that for now... But before I go! 


Will be updating soon on Book #2, fingers crossed! I'm told it's "dark, but ultimately uplifting"... Hope that appeals (but if not, no fear, I'm convinced I will be able to churn out a best-seller... I mean, how hard can that be, right?!)



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The New Year

It's already the end of February - what happened to the shiny new year we got 55 odd days ago? Time, slow down!!

Or at least, let us slow down to figure out how to appreciate things more!


So I've been remiss about the site ...again. And I'm hoping to have good news to share on the book front this year, so I better get my own act together!!


Will do some spring cleaning and updates re other articles/ work... 

Feel free to look around, drop me a line...Whether you're an aspiring writer or journalist or...just stopping by to say hi!!


PS Favourite show at the mo' #Houseof Cards (There went a couple of weekends! Though I'm the only person I know who dove straight into S2, without seeing S1. Ah well, more to look fwd to, I suppose!) Between that and Sherlock in December, I'm quite pleased w what telly has to offer, apart from the news, you understand!!

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